Sunday, September 26, 2010

Copacabana Fridayz at Bluebeat in Montego Bay featuring DJ Irie Latino...Friday, September 24th, 2010

It was an awesome night...epic! It was also a very special night for most of us as we came out to celebrate the birthday of Liliana, a friend to so many in our community of Jamaicans and Latinos. And the night was made even more exciting thanks to Monica's bachelorette party planned by her girlfriends. We're glad the ladies loved the male lap dancer but I hope to see a female lap dancer one of these days. Fair is fair! Everything came together perfectly for a night that was pure fire on and off the dance-floor.

We also made a new friend and his name is CHIVAS Scotch Whiskey. I'm not kidding. The new CHIVAS promotion paid off big time at Bluebeat. The next day I heard statements like "Bwoy, I didn't know CHIVAS was so nice!" and "I had a lot of that CHIVAS but no hangover today...smooth!" Looks like Don CHIVAS is making friends and influencing people among Mobay's jet set. Bluebeat is happy, you're happy, everybody's happy. See you next week where "la rumba nunca se acaba"! Enjoy the pics.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bluebeat's One-Two Punch With DJ Crazy Neil

Bluebeat hit hard by bringing in Montego Bay's DJ Crazy Neil a few weeks ago but they decided enough wasn't enough and made it a one-two punch by doing it again, last Saturday night...and Mobay was the better for it. There was something there for everyone as the pace never slowed below breakneck speed with Crazy Neil spinning everything from dancehall and reggaeton to hip hop, house and rock. DJ Crazy Neil's album Trance Jamaica is coming out in October and based on the first track that has been released, the same energy felt on nights like Saturday night is going to be coursing through every track of the album. Thanks to Bluebeat, which has put Montego Bay on the entertainment map, for another great Mobay weekend. Here's a short 20 second clip of Crazy Neil madness, last Saturday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Going Greek at Mykonos in Ocho Rios

It looks like your typical Jamaican roadside restaurant and bar but you're in for a Greek surprise when you take a closer look. Welcome to Mykonos Greek Bar and Grill on Main Street, Ocho Rios. Small and simple with a bar and dining area on the inside and a couple of tables on the outside, Mykonos is the latest addition to the dining offerings of Ocho Rios.

The intimate space of the restaurant gives it a very homey feel and the affable Greek owner, Dimitri Konidis, adds to that friendly atmosphere with his easy-going interaction with guests. It's no surprise that this restaurant has a decidedly Jamaican quality about it because Dimitri comes across as someone who loves the island and is happy to be here, even using a few "Jamaicanisms" in his conversation.

Mykonos is quite the buzz these days with people spreading the word as far away as Montego Bay where I first heard about it. My drive to Ocho Rios from Montego Bay with friends on Wednesday night was well worth it thanks to an awesome dinner of chicken and pork Combo Kabobs preceded by Skordalia, a garlic potato dip served with Pita bread and Spanakopita, a savoury spinach pastry. Dimitri added icing to our cake with a free gift of succulent ribs during the appetizers, a gesture for which he has certainly earned a place in heaven.

There's more to discover on the menu and a trip from wherever you are in Jamaica to this little piece of Greece in Ocho Rios is definitely a good idea. I already know what I will be doing when I am in town! Look out for me at a table near the sidewalk on Main Street. Will it be Greek meatballs followed by Gyros, next time?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Coming Soon: A Brand New Machine in Bluebeat

For almost two years the weekly Brand New Machine event series created by Jamaican promoter Steve Wilson (2nd photo) has attracted throngs of discerning party goers to its Fiction nightclub venue in Kingston. Now, the party comes to Bluebeat, Montego Bay every Thursday beginning in October where it will bring its creative blend of party themes and music on the cutting edge of dance and pop. This is what has driven the hip "Jamaica Observer Page 2" socialites in Kingston to sacrifice their sleep on a week night for the sake of a classy, uptown buzz the likes of which can't be found anywhere else in the capital.

On October 7th, 2010 the first session of the new alliance between Brand New Machine and Bluebeat takes place in Montego Bay. The series will be launched with "Red Cups & Lollipops", a monthly theme party which features free lollipops for the ladies and red plastic cups for a basement/block party vibe. DJ Narity will be on hand to set the club alight with house, pop, hip hop and a touch of dancehall.

Brand New Machine represents the latest party addition to Bluebeat which has already cornered the market of Mobay jetsetters with its Copacabana Fridayz and Guest List promotions on the weekend. Brand New Machine will be sponsored at Bluebeat by Altamont West Hotel and Heineken.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coming Soon: DJ Crazy Neil's TRANCE JAMAICA

Top Montego Bay dj and promoter, DJ Crazy Neil, will be releasing his debut dance remix album TRANCE JAMAICA in October 2010. Fans in what he loves to call "the Republic of Montego Bay" are waiting for this 20 track CD with much anticipation. Both Jamaican and international audiences will be introduced to Jamaican mash-ups of hand-picked, international dance tracks on this promising album mixed and produced by the Montego Bay celebrity. Here is a preview from TRANCE JAMAICA featuring the single "Party Harder", a DJ Liquid vs. Donaeo vs. Swedish House Mafia mash-up which is sure to set dance floors on fire anywhere in the world. Look out for the album release next month on DJ Crazy Neil's Twitter page, the Irie Latino blog and at select events.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion's Night Out Jamaica 2010 Edition @ Copacabana Fridayz in Bluebeat with DJ Irie Latino, DJ Jaro and DJ Stephen Deere

Fashion's Night Out Jamaica 2010...just another excuse for Montegonians to get out of their mind. Another epic Copacabana Fridayz in Bluebeat (click the pics to enlarge).