Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vertigo at The Palmyra Resort and Spa on "The Weekend"

It was the 2010 edition of The Weekend, a series of three parties in Montego Bay called La Vue held at the beach of Iberostar Suites, Luna Lounge held at the Rose Hall Great House and Vertigo held at The Palmyra Resort and Spa. I made it to the all-white,Vertigo party on Sunday night, the last of this series of events on our Jamaican Independence weekend.

The Palmyra Resort and Spa is already an impressive structure and I had previously been to an event on their amazing beach but this time as I walked through the grounds of the hotel and the beach came in to view I literally had to stop to take it all in. The white tents, party lights, tiki torches and patrons all dressed in white (except for a few rebels like myself) created a shining, mirage-like oasis in the sand which seemed too beautiful to be true.

The music and familiar faces assured me that it was real, however, so I proceeded to get my party started. It was a classy event and the tickets were sold at premium prices. Montego Bay's "who's who" mingled with the out of towners and foreigners. Liquor flowed freely, the food was worthy of an event of this kind and The Palmyra food and beverage staff deserve all the praise in the world for a job well done.

I think the chic club and lounge decor on the sand initially took people's attention away from the party vibe and it was more like a cocktail party atmosphere as people indulged themselves in the ambiance of Vertigo. But the DJs did their job and the tempo was soon to change as people gravitated to the stage. Midwest DJs Scotty Mack and Florres got the crowd rocking with the house beats before Jamaica's DJ Bambino and DJ Kurt Riley took it to a crescendo with true "yardie style" entertainment on the microphone and turntables. The crowd, especially the females, screamed their approval over the noise of Hip Hop, Pop and Reggae beats.

Without a doubt after this year's 2010 edition of The Weekend the secret is out. Already everyone is looking to 2011 with great anticipation. Parties like these are a great way to showcase Montego Bay as the beautiful, exciting getaway that it really is. Venues like the Palmyra are places people will be willing to travel great distances for to experience not just sea and sand but the quality entertainment for which Jamaicans are renowned. I'm proud of my city. Kudos to The Weekend promoters Dwayne Smalling and Gary Codner of Clear Concept for a job well done and congratulations to Tai Flora for another impressive display of decoration.

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