Sunday, August 22, 2010

Young Men And Women Are Having Quickies In Pier One

Over the past two weeks I have had several Quickies in Pier One. Don't look so shocked. Everybody is trying it since Andre "Pnut" Brown launched Quickies Hot Dogs two weeks ago at Montego Bay's biggest Friday night party, Pier Pressure at Pier One. Since then people at Pier One have been enjoying Quickies by themselves, with their partners and even in groups of three or more.

Quickies Hot Dogs also sells Cheeseburgers and Hamburgers and trust me when I tell you that in the middle of a night of partying and drinking they hit the spot like nothing else. I'm not sure where Pnut gets the hot dogs for this venture but everybody loves the taste. The wieners are not as large as regular ones but perfect for a quick bite at a party. As one young woman explained, "When I am at a party I can't handle anything too big because if I have a Quickie in the middle of the party and it is too much to handle I'm going to feel uncomfortable for the rest of the night. And if I have it at the end of the night, well I am just too tired to take on anything too big."

Ok, the girl is fictitious but the Quickies Hot Dogs and Burgers are very real and the next time you're at Pier One you have got to try these great snacks. Quickies is coming soon to other locations in Montego Bay so look out! Everyone will be having them, soon.

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